Using Mobile App Data to Better Track Mobile Gaming Companies and Identify Industry Trends
About this course

Far from just fun & games, the mobile gaming industry is now big business. In 2021 consumers spent ~$90bn on mobile games, with eight separate titles each grossing over $1bn in revenue. The success and popularity of mobile gaming has spurred significant M&A activity: with Microsoft, Electronic Arts, and Take Two Interactive all making significant moves to bolster their respective exposure to this fast growing industry. Further, other tech giants such as Netflix and Meta are rolling out their own gaming portfolios. With the growing interest in the space, it is imperative for public and private investors to have visibility on top performers and emerging trends. Having access to mobile app downloads, revenue, users, and time spent can help investors better understand research top mobile games and publishers. Additionally, insights at the category and country level can provide investors with the information necessary to identify emerging trends.

This course will provide an overview of the growing mobile gaming industry (including relevant subgenres), discuss how to benchmark top games and publishers, analyze M&A activity, and identify new trends.

Faculty experts
Anthony Bartolacci
VP of Sales @ Sensor Tower